Our Story

MerryGoRound positions our E-store Entrepreneurs at the forefront of our Business focus enabling each of them to become a successful entrepreneur.  We strive towards passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and sound long-term business dealings. We strive to have a positive impact to our customers, employees and small businesses, with the hope for them to expand the economy, and communities.

MerryGoRound comprise of people who are passionate builders of the e-Commerce portal with diverse business backgrounds and goals, who share a common desire to always be learning and inventing on behalf of our customers. MerryGoRound is committed to ensuring children and young adults and adults have the resources they need to build their best and brightest futures.

MerryGoRound believes in using its platform for good endeavors, equipping, training, and building e-Commerce Entrepreneurs and providing customers with awesome experience when buying and selling on-line.  We invest in building a world-class delivery network to provide fast shipping to our customers. We empower individuals and small businesses through programs like network of Delivery Partners, to help get packages to customers where and when they want them.

MerryGoRound is created with a primary purpose to help all our NATC Institute learners transfer their retail training knowledge into practical hands-on application. With a portal reaching out to the local and global markets, all NATC learners will experience the joy and pleasure of learning how to sell their goods and services on the e-portal as a form of a business endeavor in the midst of the global covid19 pandemic. Learners will be able to use this venue to generate revenue and become a successful e-commerce entrepreneur as the global market is radically challenging and businesses are all affected.