Code of Conduct

All e-Commerce Entrepreneurs are required to comply with the accompanying marketing strategies and guidelines when posting items on MerryGoRound.

Infringing the Code of Conduct on MerryGoRound’s policies may bring about activities against your record, for example, retraction of postings, suspension or relinquishment of installments, and evacuation of selling benefits. More insights concerning these arrangements are mentioned as below.

Our principles

MerryGoRound requires all e-Commerce Entrepreneurs to observe the following:-

  1. To provide precise data to MerryGoRound and their clients with accuracy and clarity
  2. To act reasonably and not abuse MerryGoRound’s administration
  3. Not to harm or misuse another e-Commerce Entrepreneur, their postings or evaluations
  4. Not to manipulate clients’ evaluations, criticism, and surveys
  5. Not to send spontaneous or improper interchanges
  6. Not to work on more than one selling account on MerryGoRound, without a genuine business need

Precise Information

To provide precise data to MerryGoRound and the clients and update the data in the event of any changes.

Acting Fairly

e-Commerce Entrepreneurs should act decently and legitimately and should not abuse any assistance given by MerryGoRound. Instances of unjustifiable exercises include:

  1. Providing deluding or unseemly data to MerryGoRound or our clients, for example, by making numerous detail pages for a similar item or posting hostile item pictures
  2. Manipulating deals rank, (for example, by tolerating counterfeit requests or requests that you have paid for) or making claims that are invalid
  3. Attempting to increase the cost of an item after an order is confirmed
  4. Attempting to harm another Seller, their postings or appraisals
  1. To refrain from impacting or expanding clients’ appraisals, criticism, and audits
  2. Paying for a motivating force, (for example, coupons or free items) in return for giving or removing criticism or surveys
  3. Asking clients to compose just positive audits or request that they remove or alter or change a survey


All correspondence with your clients should be done via MerryGoRound’s portal.

Client Information

In view of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), please defer from sharing clients’ information with other unauthorized person/s. Infringement of the PDPA Act is a crime. For more information, kindly refer to the link on Privacy & PDPA.

Evading the Sales Process

It is a serious offence to evade the MerryGoRound sales procedure or redirect MerryGoRound customers to another site. This implies you may not give connections or messages for clients to visit any another site or complete an exchange somewhere else.  Infringement renders a suspension or cancellation of all privileges.

Documenting Infringement Notices as an Agent or Brand Protection Agency

MerryGoRound understands that numerous brands may require to have brand insurance organizations or operators report licensed innovation encroachment for their goods. MerryGoRound does not grant e-Commerce Entrepreneurs the encroachment that could profit their own selling account (through expelling contending postings, for instance).