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Its a cake. Its creamy chocolate sauce. It a fusion of absolute divine.

100 in stock (can be backordered)

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Thick chocolate cake that dissolves softly in your mouth, with a rich and decadent buttery chocolate sauce that is as dark as it is sinful.

We have other exclusive cakes such as Dalgona Cloud Cake, Salter Egg Charcoal Cake, Milk Lava Cake including specially-concocted refreshing brews and crowd-favourite crunchy koo-kees. Take a look at our product gallery and place your order via facebook by clicking on our FB icon.

Absolut Chocolat Singapore

Welcome to Absolut Chocolat’s Official Merry Go Round Store! Selling the celebrities-preferred choice of artisanal cakes, cookies and brews. Halal Pour-It-yourself Cakes and divine tastes of delicacies that are simply epic, extraordinary and absolutely awesome.

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